Driving Legends: Unveiling The Greatest Drivers In Formula 1 History

Driving Legends: Unveiling The Greatest Drivers In Formula 1 History

Plenty of people love the thrill and excitement of sports; hence, Formula 1 racing attracts them. But do you know what is even more thrilling? Well, it’s the question of who is the top racer. 

Every racer in Formula 1 tries to win the top position, however, it is much riskier than it sounds. It involves various breath-taking moments and whatnot. It's just a second game where the race can turn upside down in just a second. 

That is why Formula 1 fans always wonder who will be the next champion of the Formula One race. If you are also wondering the same, don't wait long because we are presenting you the list of best drivers in Formula 1.

Lewis Hamilton

If you have watched F1 streams, you must have realized by now that Lewis is the king of Formula 1 racing. He debuted in formula one racing with the Australian Grand Prix race 2007.

With all his achievements, he is undoubtedly one of the best drivers in the Formula 1 racing world. Till now, he has won the World Championship seven times, the first being one year after his debut in 2008. And since 2017, he has been winning 2020.

Lewis Hamilton - F1 Driver for Mercedes

With his title of World Champion in the year 2008, he has booked a record for being the youngest world champion in Formula 1 racing. Lewis has competed in 30 countries and has won titles in almost every season.

In his career till now, he has participated in a total of 310 races, and out of them, he was able to win 103. He stood at the top of Formula 1 racing with all his achievements and honors.

Sebastian Vettel

Another Formula Driver 1 who debuted with Lewis was Vettel, who first performed in the year 2007 in the United States. If there is anyone who has witnessed drastic highs and lows in his Formula 1 racing career, then it's him.

Like the race track, his career also went up and faced some downtrends. The initial years of his career were golden years and won him several titles and podiums. With all his achievements, he was unbeatable.

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However, after 2014 his Formula 1 racing career witnessed some setbacks. But nevertheless, his achievements are indeed remarkable in race sports history.  

In his starting years, Sebastian won repeatedly and became the face of Formula F1 racing. He was even getting closer to taking the title of the youngest world champion from Lewis.

Before he retired in 2022, he played in 300 Formula 1 races and won 53 of them.                                             

Michael Schumacher

This Formula 1 driver has been in the racing world since 1991, when he debuted in the Belgian Grand Prix in the same year, and is one of the best drivers in Formula 1. 

In his Formula 1 racing career, Michael has won 7 championships mainly, and the last championships consecutively. His first championship was in 1994, then in 1995. Then starting in 2000, he won the title for four consecutive years. 

Michael Schumacher | Formula 1®

With his raw talent, passion, and dedication Schumacher has given new directions to Formula 1 racing. In his career, he has participated in 308 races and won 91 out of them. Michael's joining hand with Ferrari was the most bizarre of his time and won him fame and titles.

Alain Prost

One more name in the list of best drivers in Formula 1 is Alain, who debuted in the racing world in the year 1980. He first participated in the Argentinian Grand Prix in the same year.

Prost is best remembered for his accurate precision while driving, with meticulous speed. Because of his skills, he was able to win several titles and be the first world champion in Formula 1 from France.

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He played in 199 Formula 1 races in his entire career and won 51 out of them. At his time, he was at the top of the Formula 1 racing world with Ayrton Senna, Jackie Stewart, and McLaren.

Max Verstappen

Max debuted in the Australian Grand Prix in the year 2015. Although he was the son of a former Formula 1 racer, his name in the list of best drivers in Formula 1 was because of his skills. 

To this date, he has participated in 164 races and won 36 with two world championship titles. He was the world champion for the year 2022. Now Formula 1 fans are excitingly over this player for many more thrilling moments and wins.

Max Verstappen - F1 Driver for Red Bull Racing 

Ayrton Senna

Ayrton Senna made his name in the list of best drivers in Formula 1 with his achievements. He made his debut at the Brazilian Grand Prix in the year 1984 and set a benchmark.

He was a phenomenal racer who believed in going far beyond the already set standards. Moreover, his ambitious desire for thrill and speedy skills made him the king of the formula one racing world.

Ayrton Senna | Formula 1®

He won the world championship three times in his career, starting in 1988. Throughout his career, he participated in 161 Formula 1 races and won 41.

It was really very unfortunate that we lost this gem in the year 1994 at the San Marino Grand Prix race. We can think of what he would have done if he was alive. 


Therefore, we can see that we have very precious gems in formula one racing sports. These people have thrilling ambitions and dedicate their lives to racing.

Some of the best drivers in Formula 1 are mentioned above, however, they are just a few prominent ones to count. Many great figures are in the racing world, and their races are worth watching.

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